It's hard to forget what happened this day 11 years ago.. I was in the sixth grade and remember hearing that things would never be the same, but I didn't fully understand what that meant. To this day I am not sure if ever figured it out, but I do know that they were right- things have not been the same. This "new normal" we live in involves losing loved ones over-seas, racial-profile people we pin as "terrorists", fear and worry on every flight we take, and hope that a hero will come and make everything better again. I do not know enough about politics to say who that "hero" should be, but I can see that it is consuming everybody's thoughts and words in recent days. We must never forget what we said when the attacks on 9/11 occurred- That you can destroy our buildings, and murder our people- but you will NEVER kill our faith in the United States; United we stand, divided we fall. Today I hope that everyone puts the petty BS to the side, and appreciates who is still here, and remembers who has been lost. "7% of men have worn a US Military uniform keeping our country free for 100% of Americans" -- for that I am thankfull

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