My Risa sent me this awesome abdominal workout last night, and it worked wonders! Already have some definition, and totally sore! Try adding it to your normal routine!!
  • 2 X 20 Weighted Sit-Ups
  • 2 X 20 Hanging Knee Raises
  • 2 X 20 Weighted Hanging Knee Raises
  • 2 X 10 Hanging Oblique Raises (each side)
  • 5 X 10 Incline Bench Sit-Ups
  • 3 X 10 Weighted Incline Bench Sit-ups
  • 2 X 20 Incline Bench Oblique Crunches (each side)
  • 50 of each on Stability Ball: (crunches, legs on ball, side crunches, obliques)
  • 1 Minute Plank, 30 sec Plank each side
  • Basic Crunches till failure!!
KARMA wellness water
I decided to try something new today and found this Karma Welness Water at CVS... It is 18fl oz of spring water with "KarmaCap Technology"- a capful of fresh vitamins and nutrients that you add to the water before you drink; pretty cool idea! It contains 110% of FRESH A, E, D, and ESSENTIAL B Vitamins plus yerba mate, choline, and CO-Q10 with only 20 calories per bottle :) It is low in sodium, gluten free, lactose free, and vegan. Only 4g Carbs and 3g sugars-- I'm drinking the OrangeMango one now and it's pretty tasty! It is designed to enhace your mind, and encourage sharper thinking. GOOD! My mind has been a little less than sharp lately! I need all the help I can get! I will forever like water the best, but this is a good alternative if you get bored of plain H2O all the time!
my FAVORITE inexpensive nail polish brand- Spoiled. Gorgeous colors, long lasting polish, and only $1.99 at CVS!! i'm obsessed! This fall inspired color is called "I don't drink cheap wine" ...perfection.